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2015 Scholarship Recipients

Seniors Taylor Martin and Xavier Daniels of High Point Central High School are this year's recipients of the Class of 1960 scholarships.

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David Hayworth Supports Say Yes

Community leader/philanthropist David Hayworth makes $1 million commitment to Say Yes, bringing Guilford County one step closer to making the initiative a reality.

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Smart Girls Tanzania Gives Girls a Chance

Scholarship program offers an education to those who are seldom provided one.

Learning Together Family Literacy Program

Changing the future one family at a time, thanks to a grant from HPCF.

The mission of the Principals’ Fund is to provide support and resources to High Point public schools and impact students while strengthening the educational system in our community. Grants are made to schools to provide for the unfunded expenses related to kid-centered programs or projects that are educational and support character education.

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The Heart of High Point Fund provides for the basic needs of the High Point community. Grants are made to organizations whose mission, human resources and at least 50% of their budget is devoted to providing food, shelter, and rehabilitation or health services to the most needy individuals and families in the community.

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Donor Advised Funds give individuals, families, non-profits and for-profits the ability to create funds that are held and managed by the foundation. Donors are able to recommend how and when fund will be granted. Gifts can be made to non-profits, municipalities, schools or churches.

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  • Recipients of 2014 High Point Community Foundation Grants

    Annual Grants Luncheon

    One of the most satisfying events of our year is the Annual Grants Presentation. After months of review and interviews, we get to publicly acknowledge the amazing organizations that are doing so much to affect positive change in the city of High Point.

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Say Yes to the Future

Many of you have no doubt seen the recent stories about several families in High Point who have made significant gifts to a Guilford County Initiative called Say Yes to Education. More