Gathering Women for Education and Networking (GWEN)

The GWEN Program includes workshops for women who want to enhance personal and professional skills, such as financial decision-making, negotiation, and healthy lifestyle choices. This series of workshops helps to strengthen the education and skills women need to improve, organize, and create success in their lives. Participants will be provided action items to immediately put the information learned into action and use the resources provided to help improve their life.

A full year – 12 classes – are offered in this series. We strongly recommend you attend all to get the full benefit of this series.  During this time we are hosting all GWEN programs virtually. Register below!

Come join other women to write and grow the chapters of your life!

Jan 21 The Power of WHY
Feb 25 Charting Your FINANCIAL GOALS
Mar 24 INSURANCE and Ensurance
May 26 Self CARE
June 23 Car/Home MAINTENANCE and Care
July 21 PANEL DISCUSSION on Women’s Topics
Aug 25 Public SPEAKING
Sep 22 Create Your Own Beehive—MENTORING Others
Oct 27 NO! Creating Healthy Boundaries
Nov 24 Attitude of GRATITUDE
Dec 29 Celebrating our ACCOMPLISHMENTS

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We want you to be a part of this amazing journey to help yourself and other women take the next step in personal, professional, and financial success.

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An interactive experience of learning, networking and growth for women 18 and older in High Point, Archdale, Jamestown, Trinity, & Thomasville.

“As the current CEO and the first woman to head the High Point Housing Authority, and a former resident of the Housing Authority, I am overwhelmed by the heartfelt desire to empower working women within our communities.
The programs being developed by Women in Motion and the GWEN programs are more than beneficial to the working women within the HPHA programs, they are also beneficial to me personally and professionally and will benefit so many women.
I cannot begin to imagine the possibilities that these initiatives and programs would have afforded me if they were available during my transition from public assistance to financial independence. Women in Motion understands that empowerment requires the appropriate support, training, tools, resources, and guidance to succeed. Empowerment is a proven technique to achieve one’s highest potential.
The opportunity for women to come together from various cultures, social and economic backgrounds to support and build empowerment is phenomenal!”

Angela G. McGill
CEO, High Point Housing Authority