Kitty Congdon Mentoring Series

Women in Motion’s signature mentoring program was designed by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). This 4 part series includes leaders from all over our community — High Point, Archdale, Trinity, Thomasville and Jamestown that creates meaningful change and opportunities for women. Learning how to lift up others allows you to soar as well.

WIM’s inaugural mentoring series began in 2019 very successfully with 35 participants. Throughout the months of the program, these women leaders in this community came together to network, learn from leadership professionals, and also learn from each other. The relationships made will last a lifetime as they lift each other up throughout their careers.

More information will be posted later in the year regarding our 2020 Kitty Congdon Mentoring Series – stay tuned!

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“The impact on mentoring for women cannot be understated. We have heard it over and over again in the words of our participants. Sometimes someone else can see something in you that you did not know existed. It can be hidden potential or a limiting belief. Mentors help us not just to uncover our strengths but they also guide us. They show us where the pitfalls are. They reach back and take other women on the journey to success. Mentorship between women is also a collaboration that is mutually beneficial as we each learn from the other. Creating a safe space for mentoring to happen through all of our programs, but intentionally through our Kitty Congdon Mentorship Program is one of the highlights of Women In Motion.”

Eva Ogden,
WIM Chair