Professional Advisors

The Community Foundation is pleased to be able to partner with you to offer philanthropic services and solutions to your clients and our donors. We work closely with a variety of professional advisors offering expertise in multiple categories.

• Attorney (estate): Estate and tax planning, wills, trusts, financial planning
• Attorney (general): Business and family legal consultation, estate and tax planning, wills, real estate transactions, business sales
• Accountant: Tax planning and returns, business consultation, financial planning
• Banker/Trustee: Banking and investment services, long-term trust administration, wealth management
• Life Insurance Agent: Life insurance, financial planning, evolving lifetime products
• Financial Advisor/Planner: Financial planning, retirement income planning, wealth management

Your advice and recommendations as an advisor are crucial to individuals and families as they make decisions about the distribution of family wealth, trusts, bequests, and gifts to charities. Referring your clients to the High Point Community Foundation offers them real tax advantages as well as the opportunity to make the greatest charitable impact.

Preferred Partners/Fund Management

The High Point Community Foundation is a public foundation established to serve the unmet needs of the greater High Point community. Because the Foundation will operate in perpetuity for benevolent purposes, wise stewardship of the funds entrusted to it is essential to the Foundation’s mission.

The Community Foundation has multiple preferred partners which, collectively, manage the invested assets of the Foundation. The Foundation’s investment committee works closely with each partner to ensure compliance with Investment Policy and to monitor investment performance.

The Foundation helped donor A.B. Henley establish a donor advised fund as part of his family’s careful estate planning. Here’s a quick clip about A.B.’s experience:

The Community Foundation welcomes the opportunity to explore relationships with new preferred partners which allows maximum flexibility for our donors. Each partner must meet standards and criteria set by the Foundation’s board of trustees. If you are an investment advisor/manager that has a client who is interested in establishing a fund at the Foundation and you would like to find out more about how to become a preferred partner, please contact the Foundation office at 336-882-3298.