Heart of High Point Fund

The Heart of High Point Fund provides for the basic needs of the High Point community. Grants are made to organizations whose mission, human resources and at least 50% of their budget is devoted to providing food, shelter, and rehabilitation or health services to the most needy individuals and families in the community.


Established by private donors in 2008, The Heart of High Point Fund was established with the specific purpose of providing for the basic needs of the High Point community. Over the years High Point has been blessed with a very compassionate and reliable safety net made up of local family-owned businesses that loved the community and were committed to supporting the nonprofit organizations who served the basic needs of the poor. In recent years, with the transition of our local economy, many of these local businesses have been sold or are no longer in existence which has impacted support for nonprofits. The Heart of High Point Fund was established so that the community would always have a resource to support those organizations serving these basic needs.


To grow and sustain a permanent endowment to provide for the basic needs of the High Point community.


A group of advisors called the Heart of High Point committee manages the process. The group is made up of a diverse range of local citizens who have exhibited consistent community leadership and bring varied knowledge and experience to the process. The majority of the committee members are not serving as trustees of the Foundation, thus providing a broader perspective.

Each committee member becomes an “advocate” for their assigned nonprofit organization, building a relationship with the organization. Grant requests can be made at any time and are submitted by the advocates to the committee for review.

The Heart of High Point Committee sets goals and strategies for the fund and oversees all grant-making decisions. Because the Heart of High Point Fund is an initiative of the High Point Community Foundation, oversight is provided by the Board of Trustees of the Community Foundation.


The Heart of High Point Fund is an endowed fund, meaning the High Point Community Foundation uses a spending policy to determine the amount to grant from the fund each year. The policy is reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees.

If you would like to donate to the Heart of High Point Fund, click here.

“Truly, the Heart of High Point Fund (HOHP) has been a life saver to our agency and to the High Point community in recent months. In October of 2014, we received a $3,000 emergency grant from them to purchase 300 Naloxone kits that reverse the effects of opioid overdoses such as heroin. Opioid overdoses are causing tragedies locally, and our agency felt that it was imperative to get this critical medication into the hands of those who are often first at an overdose scene.  The HOHP grant enabled ADS to establish a Naloxone distribution program as an immediate solution in addressing the opioid public health crisis that we are facing. All 300 Naloxone kits have been distributed in the High Point community, and to date, 10 precious lives have been saved as a direct result of the HOHP Fund and our program.”

Ron Rau
President & CEO
Alcohol & Drug Services of Guilford Inc.