Remembering Howard Coble, in your own words

Congressman J Howard Coble. Photo: Marshall Hurley.

Howard Coble at Caswell County Courthouse, Yanceyville, NC. Photo: Marshall Hurley.

The High Point Community Foundation is proud and honored to partner with the Dr. Ray Coble family to establish the J. Howard Coble Scholarship Fund which will perpetuate Howard’s legacy for generations to come.

Howard was a man who believed in our great nation, our North Carolina heritage, and was a true servant leader who genuinely loved helping others.  This Fund will support his conservative perspective by helping identify and support, through college scholarships, up and coming young leaders who have the potential to continue the good work Howard believed in so deeply.

The J. Howard Coble Scholarship. It will benefit our educational system, as well as the selected candidates. The Foundation is also honored to facilitate this generously endowed gift because Howard was such a remarkable person and community servant.

You don’t have to look hard to find people with good memories of Howard, whether they knew him personally or knew him through his leadership in North Carolina and Washington.

We’re asking everyone who would like to give a thoughtful tribute—just something in your own words, any length—to Howard Coble in the comments section below. We may want to use your comments in future promotional and ceremonial messages for the Coble scholarship. If we choose to use your comments, we will contact you first to confirm your approval.

Thank you!

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  1. It was a honor to see and hear the speeches of tribute given to “Our Congressman,” Howard Coble, by his nephew–Dr. Ray Coble, and by his “son,”–Congressman Robin Hayes (who, affectionately, called Howard his “Daddy”). Both were inspirational, motivational, and personal in providing fond memories of the great man who served his constituents, and his nation, so long and so well. Most of the packed-house audience seemed to get thru those two wonderful speeches without too much need to wipe tears of joy for the memories they conveyed. That all changed when Fox 8 News Anchor, Cindy Farmer, delivered her deeply personal words of appreciation and affection for her dear friend and there were few dry eyes remaining by the time she finished her masterpiece of tribute for Howard. It was amazing how she did not so much as smudge her mascara as she captivated and moved the folks who, like Cindy, loved and respected Howard as all present did. Borrowing some famous words from the first GOP President, “It is altogether fitting and proper…” that Cindy was honored by Howard himself in 2015 to become the first recipient of the Howard Coble Masonic Citizenship award (created by Howard’s Lodge) that she will soon pass onto another Coble-worthy recipient in his image.

    Perhaps the crowning glory of the hour came when two of America’s “Greatest Generation” spoke to posthumously thank Howard–and his always superb staff members–for his/their uncanny ability to cut thru the bureaucracy to enable them to receive their justly deserved military medals of honor. In addition to the valor shown by both of the medal-worthy servicemen that Howard honored, the 95 year young recipient was credited also having been in the escort plane to Nagasaki that bore witness to seeing the final blast that brought an end to that terrible war–as perhaps the last surviving WW2 veteran to have done so. The entire hour of tribute to our one-of-a-kind Congressman was worthy of memorializing and re-visiting but there did not seem to be a film crew present to enable such a redux. So, the last opportunity for the citizen friends he served so well and with so much distinction may simply be to contribute to the scholarship fund that will live on in his honor and image as the worthy servant he was.

    So Mote It Be and Thanks to the Supreme Architect of the Universe for Giving Us Our Congressman…
    John Howard Coble!

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