Why Work With HPCF?

The High Point Community Foundation is uniquely situated at the intersection of the needs of the community and donors’ desires to make an impact. We help make connections by deploying a variety of resources to build a vibrant community.

We offer leadership and resources to address key issues in our community through granting, advocacy, and institutional knowledge. With over 20 years of granting and leadership, we have fostered credibility, making us a catalyst for great things happening in the greater High Point area.

Did you know community foundations…

  • Partner in strategic planning
  • Provide tax deductible opportunities for donors
  • Offered planned giving options
  • Are knowledgeable of the community and effective nonprofit organizations
  • Drive community initiatives
  • Provide high-level financial management for nonprofits and individuals in our community
  • Provide a venue for smaller donors who want to make a difference at any income level
  • Serve the community at large

Contact Us Today

Let our team help you turn your generosity into impact. Call us to learn more (336) 882-3298!