Here at the High point Community Foundation the scholarship piece is a key part of our mission as we see education being one of the critical needs in our community.

Scholarships serve as a catalyst for personal and professional growth which translates into self-sufficiency which ultimately impacts economic development.  It’s the perfect intersection of altruism and good business sense, we view our scholarship program Scholarship as an investment in our future and we are proud to serve in this role for our community.

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 “Our Community Foundation strongly believes a well-educated city results in thriving citizens that will propel us into the future!”

Paul Lessard,
President, HPCF

High Point Community Foundation Scholarships

J Howard Coble Scholarship

A dedicated public servant to his constituents and having served as North Carolina’s 6th District Congressman for 30 years, J. Howard Coble was a statesman committed to making NC a leader in education.  With education at the forefront, Howard Coble’s nephew, Dr. Ray Coble and his wife Chris created a scholarship fund with the Foundation in honor of Congressman Coble.

Draelos Science Scholars Program

Drs. Zoe & Michael Draelos have a passion for science and have both enjoyed successful careers in research and gastroenterology.  When they considered how they wanted to share this passion with a  younger generation of growing scientists and give back to the local community, they came to the High Point Community Foundation.

High Point Central Class of 1960

The High Point Central High School Class of 1960 Scholarship Fund was established in 2010 by Dr. Richard Carmichael, Tom Kester, and Ellis Baker to represent the High Point High School Class of 1960. The Class of 1960 is passionate about creating a permanent resource for deserving students of High Point Central who have the ability to pursue higher education, but not the funds.

Odelle Peacock Marsh Scholarship

Odelle Peacock Marsh initiative this scholarship in 2018 to help give rising graduates the opportunity to go to college. Odelle was a strong advocate for public schools and served on the local school board. Her son, Jim Marsh, has continued this legacy in her name to benefit students at High Point Central High School.

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