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Drs. Zoe & Michael Draelos have a passion for science and have both enjoyed successful careers in research and gastroenterology.  When they considered how they wanted to share this passion with a  younger generation of growing scientists and give back to the local community, they came to the High Point Community Foundation.

Zoe & Michael knew they wanted to offer an intensive university level experience for deserving high school students to work in the lab with research scientists, but they weren’t sure how to get it started.  It took a team effort to fund the program, provide the experience, and find the most promising high school students to take advantage of the opportunity.  That innovative idea evolved into the Draelos Scholars Program that is administered through their Donor Advised Fund.

A group of high school juniors from local schools are chosen to participate in a hands-on experience all summer long.  These students are matched with Research Scientist at local Universities to work in a real world lab with one on one instruction for the entire summer.  At the end of the program, the students present their findings to the entire group.  Students take part in ongoing projects in their faculty mentor’s labs, learning technical skills, as well as the process of conducting research along the way. Additional enrichment activities developed for the program will give participants a look at the diverse opportunities a career in science offers. Each year the Scholars Program grows to new heights with better opportunities for budding scientists! 

How To Apply

Dr. Michael Draelos works directly with local high school guidance counselors on the application process.

No child could get this experience on their own.  But if we can facilitate it, facilitate the next person who is going to cure cancer, facilitate the next person who is going to cure arthritis; would that be incredible!

Dr. Zoe Draelos

You learn the elements of the game when you’re in school studying.  But here you learn how to put that all together and how to make it all work.

Dr. Michael Draelos

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