Heart of High Point Donors

High Point is blessed to have industry leaders with a philanthropy mind-set and a goal to help make this community great! The Millis family had a vision of High Point and a giving spirit.

They knew there needed to be a “safety net” in High Point, for these nonprofit organizations to thrive in any environment. So the Millis’ took $2 million of their own money and the Foundation matched $2 million of our unrestricted endowment to create a $4 milion emergency fund that is now known as the Heart of High Point. This is why High Point is an amazing community – philanthropy is a priority!

The nonprofit organizations in our community are truly the heart of High Point! Every day they work hard to provide for those not only in need, but striving for more in their lives. And with the support of families that began HOHP and the Foundation matching, we are able to support those that need us most! By donating, you are helping to provide food, shelter, clothing, and rehabilitation/health services to individuals and families who need it most!


Donate Today!

Donate now to help grow this fund to support our local nonprofits. With your donation, it helps them operate efficiently and effectively, not only to carry out their mission, but to maintain the trust of the public that supports them. Select Heart of High Point in the drop down menu.