The Annual Grants Program will always be the flagship of the Foundation because from the beginning our mission is “meeting the unmet needs” in High Point.

This mission was essential to our founding Executive Board. They were willing to grant $100,000 in our very first year because we knew that it was essential to immediately earn the right to serve as the key financial safety net for our community. And this Grants Program grows larger every year to continue to serve those doing the work in the trenches lifting up the High Point community!

Our Grants Committee is the heart of our Foundation. Granting money away in a wise and discerning manner is not easy – there is integrity in the process and a responsibility that each one of our members hold near and dear to their heart. The Foundation is blessed to have these amazing committee members that are made up of local leaders who know High Point, and all have a background in local nonprofit leadership.

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We believe that together, we can strengthen and improve High Point. Find out how to contribute to the HPCF Annual Grant Program.

“Every Grant request is worthy of funding as all of our local nonprofits do meaningful work. What’s amazing is that the diverse group of community members that serve on the Grants Committee are able to determine the most impactful grants to fund based on the pressing issues currently facing High Point. It is never an easy task but the impact our grant recipients make on our community year after year is undeniable!”

Megan Oglesby
Executive Director, The Earl & Kathryn Congdon Family Foundation

HPCF Annual Grants Program

Annual Grants Program

High Point would not be what it is today without the effort of those individuals and organizations that impact our community every day. The Annual Grants Program is a living, breathing example of our commitment to meeting unmet needs of the greater High Point community.

Annual Grants Luncheon

The annual grants program is a key function of the Foundation that has been vital to launching and sustaining dozens of social service programs. The grants address community opportunities or needs that can make a significant impact in education, food security, and community cohesion.

Past Grant Recipients

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to contribute to the health of our community through many different organizations. Thank you to all of the organizations who have applied for assistance in the past for the tireless work you do to improve the lives of members of our community.

Please consider making a contribution today. If you have any questions we are here to answer them.