2019 Grant Awards Luncheon

The High Point Andrews High School drum line was a fitting tribute welcoming a packed house to the High Point Country Club for the 2019 Grant Awards Luncheon, Tuesday, November 12. Nearly $400,000 in grants were awarded!
The High Point Community Foundation announces its new grant awards to 19 non-profit organizations serving Greater High Point.

The following describe all 2019 recipients and their projects

The Arc of High Point

Imagine, having to justify your existence and why you should be able to continue your education, get a job, live independently, or have a relationship. Most young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities find themselves with no opportunities for a successful future after high school in their community. As a result of the grant this year, The Arc can expand the Wild and Free Vocational/Educational Transition Program to allow these young adults opportunities including art therapies, physical fitness, gardening, cooking, job training and independent living skills that will in turn help them be successful.

Communities in Schools of Thomasville

Career Mapping is a structured, creative process which allows students to develop and articulate professional goals and make plans to accomplish their life’s work. The process utilizes research, self-reflection, and other activities to map out the steps to reach their future. With the grant they receive, CIS of Thomasville can integrate Career Mapping into weekly sessions with high-risk students in grades K-12 to think long term and figure out how to get from “here to there”.

Community Housing Solutions

Community Housing Solutions (CHS) utilizes volunteers to complete home repairs preserving home ownership for low-income families in High Point. CHS is on track to complete 45 home repairs in 2019, however the number of low-income homeowners needing repairs is far greater. A result of their grant from HPCF will allow them to leverage existing funding and increase the home repairs to 55 per year in the core city neighborhoods of High Point to create safer neighborhoods.

D-UP Basketball Fundamentals & Skills Training Inc.

D-UP works in core city neighborhoods building strong relationships with families that have recently formed a working group that focused on building a resilient system in High Point. This grant will allow D-Up to pilot a “Community Connector” approach addressing toxic stress that will be on-the-ground, sustained and focused to dig into the root causes of issues prevalent in East Central High Point by building community cohesion, resources, and assets.

Fairview Elementary

Fairview’s goal is to create an engaging 21st century higher learning space by providing students with a new classroom environment that is more conducive to interactive group activities and small group instruction. The grant from HPCF will allow Fairview to transition from individual desks to a group setting that will give students an opportunity to collaborate with others by using clover desks and multi-use chairs. For all third through fifth grade classrooms this will provide an inclusive learning environment where all scholars are engaged academically and socially.

Guilford Education Alliance (GEA)

The Teacher Supply Warehouse is a unique model of support for public educators. GEA uses monetary contributions and supply donations to offer much-needed school supplies to Guilford County School teachers at no cost. District leaders report that attracting and retaining quality educators is one of the top issues our school system faces. Making teachers feel valued and that they are making a difference is a way to help retain valuable educators. The Teacher Supply Warehouse is a great example of this because it not only finds the supplies they need in their classrooms, but also provides moral support.


GO FAR is an innovative running program for children that promotes fitness, healthy nutrition and character development. In addition, children learn about the goal-setting process as they train to complete a 5K race. This grant funding will provide support and sustain these GO FAR clubs and encourage participants to pursue healthy lifestyles in eight local clubs in High Point Title I schools: Fairview Elementary, Johnson Street Global Studies, Kirkman Park Elementary, Montlieu Academy of Technology, Northwood Elementary, Oak Hill Elementary, Oak View Elementary, and Triangle Lake Montessori.

Guilford Child Development

Guilford Child Development has developed a two generational approach in working with families that includes high quality early childhood education that prepares children for success in school and parent empowerment that prepares them to be positive advocates for their children in the school system and positive role models by moving into meaningful employment. With this grant, Guilford Child Development will expand in this effort to improve the outcomes in our schools and the safety of our community so that young people in this community will have a chance to thrive through multiple programs in High Point: Head Start (ages 3-5), Early Head Start (0-3), Nurse-Family Partnership, and Learning Together.

High Point Community Against Violence

High Point Community Against Violence (HPCAV) works with repeat violent crime offenders to give them the support they need to help promote a safer city for everyone. With this grant, HPCAV can continue their work to offer offender assistance, family therapy which is essential in violent crime reduction and facility operations so HPCAV can continue all programs offered including coaching, financial assistance so they can maintain a basis for working and living a life conducive to civility and training in soft and hard skills. With a combination of these efforts, individuals will get the help needed to secure and sustain employment, helping to break the criminal cycle.

IFB Solutions

The primary goal of the Focus on Literacy (FoL) through Mobile Vision Center program is to provide students with indispensable vision accommodations and help enhance their core literacy skills. This provides greater access to independent learning outside of the classroom so they can be ready for college and career success. This grant will allow IFB Solutions to provide specialized low vision tools and support needed for school-age children from low-income and underserved portions of the High Point community. This program also includes eye exam expenses and all adaptive technology recommended by the doctor. Thanks to this equipment, students are able to read independently, complete homework assignments, and develop their abilities and talents in the home environment.

Macedonia Family Resource Center

The Macedonia Family Resource Center educates the community on how to communicate with those who suffer from mental illness issues as well as provide resources. They will use the grant money to offer four 8-hour sessions free to the community that will educate the public on how to communicate and support those with mental illness. Attendees will learn effective ways to communicate, learn how to diffuse intense situations, and will discover how to quickly identify mental health disorders as well as a host of other triggers.

NC Dental Society

The NC Dental Society Foundation’s Missions of Mercy (MOM) program offers portable free dental clinics conducted for underserved populations and with help from the HPCF grant, they will offer a free dental clinic to the residents of High Point hosted at the First Baptist Church on March 27-28, 2020. The free dental clinic will serve at least 600 adult patients — many of whom have not seen a dentist in years – and some have never seen a dentist in their life. Most dental services include digital X-rays, extractions, fillings and supplies for each patient to take home. These free clinics are dependent on the dedication of volunteer dental professionals as well as community leaders and local partner organizations to ensure their success.

Operation Xcel

Operation Xcel offers academic and enrichment programs for youth in kindergarten through middle school and also offers empowerment and literacy services in specific areas to adults. The goal with the grant is to increase proficiency in math and reading at Welborn Academy of Science and Technology and Ferndale Middle School. The 3 Steps Ahead will provide academic enrichment opportunities for children to help them meet local and state academic standards in reading, mathematics, and science.

Reading Connections, Inc

Reading Connections has offered Family Literacy classes since 2006. The Family Literacy Program takes an intergenerational approach that builds parents’ skills to help alleviate poverty, improve community outcomes, boost school readiness, and break the cycle of illiteracy. The number of families in the Oak Hill Elementary program doubled last year, and they plan to continue this growth. Funds from this grant enables Reading Connections to hire an additional instructor, a student outreach specialist, and purchase instructional materials which provide intensive, individualized instruction. With more staff and smaller class sizes, they can more effectively address students’ learning needs and positively contribute to community outcomes in High Point.

The Sparrow’s Nest, Inc

The Sparrow’s Nest was developed to engage youth in leadership initiatives and help prevent crime and drug activity. As a result, the youth served will develop educational, artistic and character-building skills to better prepare them for their transition to college or a career. The grant was requested to expand the Black Suit Initiative Program into the Jamestown/High Point area. This 9-month project will allow young men the opportunity to understand the foundational principles associated with creating a sustainable vision for a better future.

Southwest Renewal Foundation of High Point, Inc

The Southwest Renewal Foundation’s vision is economic revitalization through environmental enhancement with a goal to change specific areas located in the core city of High Point into a renewed place of natural beauty. Studies in NC and the US show urban greenways create jobs, reduce crime, and improve health. With the grant they receive, the Southwest Renewal Foundation will create a visual art map “at a glance” overview and video to help residents and leaders visualize what the southwest district

will look like as a business park where people live and work, and see where the SW High Point Heritage Greenway will run through once it is completed.

West End Ministries, Inc

West End Ministries bring value to High Point by providing help, hope, and healing to hundreds of families each year. Since 2001, West End Ministries has been operating the Thrift Store where funds go directly back into West End providing crucial funding. There is an opportunity to expand to a larger space and the grant money received will allow them to bring the building up to code for safety reasons and put on a new roof, repair of water damage and install a new heating and air system. With the expansion of the Thrift Store, it provides the opportunity to significantly increase this revenue stream which will in the future account for 50% of their annual budget.

YWCA of High Point

YWCA’s commitment to racial justice runs deep as they strive to do more than change hearts and minds concerning racial justice. The YWCA wants to transform communities, systems and public policies through supporting measures that promote equal protection and equal opportunity for people of color at the local, state, and national levels. With this grant, they will expand on the 2019 work and further engage in community dialogues and continue training opportunities on systematic racism to bring community cohesion and better understand the effects of current practices on communities of color.