Heart of High Point Grants

The nonprofit organizations in our community are truly the heart of High Point! Every day they work hard to provide for those not only in need, but striving for more in their lives. This is why the High Point Community Foundation has this important initiative to support these organizations helping meet the unmet needs in High Point!

Who Can Apply?

There are 14 organizations that are qualified to apply and receive Heart of High Point grants.  These organizations have a  budget that dedicates 50% or more to providing food, clothing, shelter, medical and rehabilitative needs.

Heart of High Point Committee

The Committee is made up of caring local leaders and each nonprofit organization is assigned an Advocate that keeps the Foundation abreast of all needs for these specific nonprofits. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees has oversight for the committee.


Donate Today!

Donate now to help grow this fund to support our local nonprofits. With your donation, it helps them operate efficiently and effectively, not only to carry out their mission, but to maintain the trust of the public that supports them. Select Heart of High Point in the drop down menu.