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Women join together to support each other.  By supporting philanthropic activity and leveraging community collaboration through Women in Motion, we envision a community where women:

  • Have the knowledge, opportunity, and self-determination to be economically secure
  • Have opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve their full potential
  • Learn about and experience the value of philanthropy and nonprofit leadership

Women in Motion made it a priority to perform research in our serving areas to line up with what women need from granting to programming.  Some might ask why we are doing research and the answer is simple: our mission is to help women take the next step toward personal, economic, and professional success in life. We are able to live our mission by collecting and analyzing this research data in order to increase our understanding of the phenomenon of helping women reach the next level of success. The results of the focus groups will help guide the Women in Motion grants that all members can vote on!  Read Our 2018 Research Report.

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