Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work with, and learn from, a remarkable group of committed High Point leaders whose vision and contributions have dramatically impacted our community for the better.  These change agents; all shared the following characteristics; excellent leadership skills, a passion for our community and truly big hearts.  I believe what makes High Point such a unique community is when needs arise our leaders step up, sometimes at great personal sacrifice, to make good things happen.  It’s part of our collective DNA, passed along from generation to generation, and it’s currently the driving force behind our amazing downtown renaissance.

As a designer, Christi has an appreciation for all things beautiful and she knew her hometown of High Point had much to be proud which unfortunately was just not getting out on the internet.  What I admire so much about Christi is she took action; she invested her time and money into the establishment of an innovative site she called High Point Discovered which quickly changed the way High Point was being viewed by the world. Suddenly the internet began showing images of High Point’s beautiful architecture, its natural beauty and she began telling stories about the community’s most valuable asset, our people. If you have never visited the High Point Discovered website, you need to check it out immediately. I promise you will learn things about our town you never knew and meet people you absolutely need to know.

The impact this organization has had on High Point’s image, reputation and marketability is nothing short of astounding. Every day High Point Discovered highlights the very best of our community has to offer to the entire world and it’s changing the way people view High Point.  As the organization continues to grow it is evolving into a visual platform where local stories can be told through photography, interviews and videos. This means a business with an innovative product, a passionate leader with a worthy cause, or a family with an inspirational story now has a venue through which thousands can learn about and respond to.

This is the future and High Point needs creative ideas like this to become the community we can and should be. So, how can each of you help?  High Point Discovered was recently established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity which means they can now accept tax-deductible gifts that can be used to underwrite this important work. Christi, her business partner, Christi Spangle, and their company, Barbour Spangle Design, have personally underwritten the entire enterprise. Each of us can now contribute by investing in High Point Discovered which will continue to capture the beauty of our southern heritage by using 21st century technology to forever change the way the world sees High Point.

It has been said that “growth is inevitable, but change is optional” and it is people like Christi who are leading the way for High Point’s rapidly evolving future. For Good, For High Point, Forever…