Parker White started BackPack Beginnings to provide food to children who might otherwise go hungry on weekends when they are unable to eat lunches and breakfasts provided by the school system for free or reduced cost. Potentially 44,000 children are in danger of going hungry when not in school. Today, BackPack Beginnings’ mission is to provide children in need with nutritious food, comfort items or certain basic necessities through the use of backpacks and other efficient means of distribution.

BPB Food BP Pic_Spring 2011-2012BackPack Beginnings’ Food BackPack Program is in eight High Point schools feeding over 500 kids. The grant money provided by the High Point Community Foundation fed 125 of these food insecure High Point children each week during the 2014-15 school year. By ensuring hungry children are fed a nutritious and consistent diet over the weekend, our program goal is that they will return to school nourished and ready to learn on Monday mornings. With over 60% of children in the Guilford County School system qualifying for free or reduced priced meals, the need is great.

BackPack Beginnings’ partnership with the High Point Community Foundation has aided them in the growth of their organization. When they first partnered with the foundation, they were only a one program organization serving one High Point school. Today, all four of BackPack Beginnings’ programs touch the High Point community – food pantries at Allen Jay, Ferndale and Welborn, clothing items given to High Point children in need and Comfort BackPacks distributed to High Point agencies such as World Relief and Children’s Home Society. This expansion in High Point was achieved through the support of the foundation and the High Point community at large. While growth and need is still on the horizon, they feel confident knowing that the community foundation will be behind them every step of the way.