Donors make an immediate and lasting impact on our community! Hundreds of individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations across the area have experienced impact due to the giving hearts of donors and we are fortunate to have that generosity right here in High Point.  True philanthropy originates in our hearts and when it is done well, it becomes a noble legacy that blesses families as it is passed down from one generation to the next.

In today’s world full of distractions, it is critically important that we never forget that it is our soul, the most noble part of us, that seeks to share, uplift and honor one another. The High Point Community Foundation is dedicated to strengthening our community to create a better High Point for present and future generations. Without the tireless efforts and humbling generosity of our donors, we would be unable to fulfill this mission.  Here are a few examples of generosity that are creating a strong community by taking opportunities to create strong, powerful forces for positive change in our world!

“There are times in our lives when we dig wells from which we may never drink.  We plant trees whose shade we might never enjoy.  We build bridges that we may never cross.”

We Celebrate Community Leaders & Donors:

Culp Family

Drs. Michael & Zoe Draelos

Julian & Ann Busby

Millis Family

Davis Family

Jim & Ann Morgan

Jeff & Claire Horney

Tilley Family

Matt & Emily Thiel

Doug & Margaret Clark

The Foundation was founded in 1998 with a $5 million gift from Jim and Jesse Millis. The nine original members of the Founding High Point Community Foundation Executive Committee had a vision to create a permanent financial resource that could serve as a safety net for the community they all loved – Jim Millis, Sr., Jim Morgan, Bill Horney, Dr. Nido Qubein, Phil Phillips, Bill McGuinn, George Erath, Charlie Greene and Charles Odom.  Their willingness to plant this tree whose shade they might not personally enjoy exemplifies the inestimable value of servant leadership.   Over the past 25 years, this has grown into a $100 million foundation that has provided $100 million to nonprofits through Donor Advised Funds, Granting, and Initiative Funds.

“In 1998, the idea of a Community Foundation was a kindling spark that had been nurtured by nine leaders in the High Point community for years,” says HPCF President, Paul Lessard. “These visionaries understood that High Point needed a financial resource for current and future generations when unmet needs arouse.  It is important to remember that sometimes small ideas grow into great transformative movements.”

The mission of the High Point Community Foundation is three-fold:

  • Raise an endowment which will benefit the greater High Point community forever.
  • Oversee an Annual Grants Program that gives to nonprofits who are addressing unmet needs in our community.
  • Manage Donor Advised Funds for those who want to give to good causes without the hassle of dealing with legal, accounting, or due diligence issues.

“The High Point Community Foundation’s goal has always been to meet the unmet needs of community,” says Lessard. “We’ve come a long way in 25 years and the best is yet to come. Remember, anyone can be a philanthropist, and you can do things for your family and community that future generations will thank you for!”