Princesses, superheroes and historic figures—The High Point Community Foundation and Say Yes Guilford worked with Barnes & Noble to donate stacks of books to two elementary schools.

Elementary school teachers continually strive to instill the desire to read for pleasure with mini libraries within their classrooms. At this age, student interests range from historical figures to robots to nature to fairytale princesses. It’s not easy to satisfy each student’s interest on a tight budget.

High Point Community Foundation and its partner Say Yes Guilford responded to the need.

The organizations secured a generous donation of hundreds of new children’s books from High Point Barnes & for Fairview and Northwood elementary schools. This was enough for each teacher to add dozens to their classroom libraries.

Stacks of new books recently arrived to wide-eyed teachers, who couldn’t believe their luck. High Point Foundation volunteers handled sorting and delivery.

“I can’t say enough about assistant store manager Michele Ambrosino and the High Point Barnes & Noble staff in terms of their commitment to our community and especially to our children and teachers,” shared Paul Lessard, President, High Point Community Foundation. “It’s always gratifying to see a corporate partner that really cares and be so enthusiastic about investing back into the community where they do their business. 

“Michelle is a remarkable woman who understands the vital significance of reading by the third grade for our young people, their families and the community at large. She has a wonderful heart and is always looking for ways to help others. We look forward to many more years of getting books into our local schools!”

book donation
Social worker Samantha Floyd (L) and third grade teacher Laura Hall of Fairview Elementary School.