An anonymous donor provided a second bus donation to the Housing Authority of the City of High Point through the High Point Community Foundation. In 2018 the first bus was donated to the Housing Authority and due to the extensive use, they really needed an additional bus to expand on educational programs, college tours, service projects, athletic programs and similar activities, a key function of the Housing Authority that is solely funded by private donations.  These types of opportunities can expose the youth to endless possibilities!

“Most people do not realize that while the HPHA receives government money for their physical housing, they do not get help for the needs of transportation,” shared Paul Lessard, President, HPCF. “For too many years Angela’s kids did not have transportation they need to get out and discover the world beyond their neighborhood. In 2018 we, at HPCF, first learned of this need and we started work on acquiring their first bus because it was the right thing to do. Today, thanks to one of our generous donors at the Foundation, a truly remarkable woman who is my hero, they now have their second bus and a ticket to see and learn all sorts of new and exciting things.”

The Housing Authority was established to provide safe housing for eligible low-to-moderate income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. While public housing provides funding for facilities, they still have a huge need for services throughout their community like transportation. The ability to have access to transportation is very important and without it, road blocks for gaining success and forward movement for these families can get in the way.

“On behalf of the Housing Authority of the City of High Point (HPHA), I would like to thank our donor, and everyone else involved for their generous contributions towards our second bus.   With each bus, we are able to enhance and expand the scope of available programs and services to our at-risk youth; increase participation, provide access to services that are not located in the HPHA communities and/or areas within walking distance and much more”, says Angela McGill, HPHA CEO.

“Building a foundation is more than brick and mortar, it is creating an environment that promotes self-sufficiency, increase academic success and empowers to maximize full potential.  The seed that has been planted will bloom into a field of opportunity that may not have been possible otherwise.   Words will never express our gratitude!”

Generosity and the love of community is what propels High Point forward! The HPCF donor has been a long-time benefactor for children who come from families who struggle economically and her impact upon the community of High Point has been immense. Chuck Portaro, HPCF Trustee, helped procure the bus and make this vision a reality.  According to Lessard, “Chuck is not only an incredible human being with a big heart, he is also the most thorough and committed deal maker he has ever met. Portaro’s follow-through is incredible and helps the projects he works on to get done right and on-time.”

“Seeing the expressions on the kids’ faces that afternoon made this a lifelong memorable experience for me,” notes Chuck Portaro.  “I know both buses will be a tremendous investment that will pay great dividends in the lives of those kids who will benefit from their use! In turn, our community also becomes a more compassionate and caring environment! I want to thank Roy of Carolina Thomas who found the perfect bus for our needs and he got it a great price!”