“The story of Horsepower Therapeutic Learning Center is really a narrative of this community and its members choosing to be a part of a social solution for people with disabilities. It is an inspiring tale of generosity, of hope, and of caring. Our nonprofit is but a reflection of the passion and understanding of this community.

“Horsepower was born out of the reality that traditional community resources that match the interests and needs of community members living with disabilities are inadequate and scarce. Mounting and riding a horse is a lesson in coordination, horsepower-3concentration and confidence building for people with disabilities. Riding supports: cognitive activity, sensory integration, correcting muscle tone imbalances, gross & fine motor skills, increased physical stamina, improved posture, enhanced independence & social skills, emotional stability, self-esteem, vocalization, and the miracle of a smile.

“Our clients are inspiring, brave, determined individuals surrounded by parents, guardians, spouses and/or siblings who live with boundless hope for their loved ones. Every year brings with it new information, new breakthroughs, and new hope for people living with disabilities.

“Horsepower provides the physical structure where people with disabilities can come to discover ways to alter the effects of their life circumstance. With support from the High Point Community Foundation we are able to provide scholarships for our students who could not otherwise participate in our program. It is these gifts that allow us to perform our work. The High Point Community Foundation has provided critical support that has allowed us to move through difficulties and challenges. Every gift has contributed to the creation of magical moments for our riders with “different needs,” moments where perceived limits are surrendered and in their place our riders discover inventive ways to reduce the effects of their disability.

“Our newest endeavor, the expansion to a 38 acre site in High Point, could only be accomplished with the financial support from our community. The gift from the High Point Community Foundation for this expansion demonstrates that this Foundation believes in the future. We believe that our thanks can be best expressed by being trusted stewards of these gifts through the planning and implementation of a program that achieves its promises.

“Recently, I was provided a wonderful reminder of our significance and influence when I walked down to check on a class. One of our riders that I haven’t seen in a while saw me as soon as I got to the arena. He hurried to me with his arms wide open and I received a hug that I wish I could share. It was so tender and so sincere that it would just warm any heart.


“Every day we get to imagine “what might be possible today” and we know that life has more depth, more meaning when we have the opportunity to connect to the people and the world around us. The High Point Community Foundation serves as a timeless reminder of the power of love and compassion and their actions reflect the spirit of service and the knowing that reaching out with time, effort, and resources helps create the very world we all desire.”

– Jan Clifford, Horsepower executive director