In January of 2010, the Community Foundation joined with others to honor veterans through the Avenue of Flags project.

By partnering with the city of High Point and interested citizens, funds were raised to make the project a reality.  Seventy-seven flags were posted along Main Street from Russell to Montlieu, and another fifty were posted on cross streets along that same route. Flags were purchased by residents or organizations for $150 each, and attached to light poles along the routes. Donations to the project could be made in honor or memory of someone who served, presently or in the past, in the military.

The project, supported by then-city councilman Latimer Alexander, was High Point’s way to honor it’s military heroes, living and deceased. The flag tribute was intended to recognize and honor the many sacrifices made for our freedom.

“There was a plan to have a plaque to honor those who gave money and for whom they gave it. That final phase of the project was never completed and should be. There was hope as the city expanded it’s downtown underground utility effort that the area of the project would grow,” said Latimer Alexander recently. “I would love to work to complete the project with the memorial of a monument honoring those that gave money in honor and memory of those American heroes.”

Flags are displayed on Memorial Day, Flag Day in June through July 4, and again on Veterans Day.