As you read this, Joseph Howard has just arrived at Brigham Young University to study for a career in environmental engineering.

Joseph is a Mormon, so Brigham Young was his first choice. And he’s going on a scholarship.

Over the last four years, he set himself on a trajectory to get there with a rigorous course load of AP classes in metalworking, drafting, electronics, math and psychology.

All this after daily scripture study that started at 6 am, while most kids were just waking up.

Along the way Joseph also earned Eagle Scout in High Point Troop 5. That included a lot of hiking, biking and paddling—in fact, 50 miles of paddling a kayak on the New River.

As a legacy to his tenure at High Point Central, Joseph crafted a commemorative metal plaque from his class of 2016, using CNC (computerized numeric design) technology.

But actually his legacy is just starting.

If anyone is “living the dream” it might be Joseph. He’s done it all with autism, a challenge that he overcame with a work ethic and intellectual curiosity that propelled him toward his goals.

Not to say that he didn’t have help como obtener viagra. Joseph credits his mother and father for coaching, love and support along the way.

“I have a lazy streak,’ says Joseph. “If it weren’t from my parents, I’m not sure how many scholarships I would have applied for.”

At graduation, Joseph got to share the moment with his mother, Janelle, in a very special way. As a school employee, Janelle joined him on stage in a cap and gown to give her son his diploma.

If you ever wanted an ambassador for the faculty of High Point Central, you’ll find it in Joseph. He had great teachers and mentors throughout his experience, especially his counselor, George Rubenstein.

“My advice to freshmen is: your school counsellor is your friend,” says Joseph. “You should always be ready to talk to them. They will help you plan your future. If it weren’t for Mr. Rubenstein, I wouldn’t have taken these classes or known about the electives.”

So as Joseph Howard sets out to become a living legacy of hard work, High Point public education, a supportive community, his church and his family, another legacy—one that is financially helping launch Joseph’s career—looks forward to repeating the process in 2017.

The High Point Central Class of 1960 Scholarship Fund awarded Joseph his scholarship to Brigham Young Provo. It’s a fund that began as a conversation among alumna at their latest milestone reunion.

According to one of its founders, Dr. Richard Carmichael, his class was planning its 50-year reunion in 2010 and bandied around doing something for the school.

“I suggested a scholarship,” says Dr. Carmichael, currently a math professor at Wake Forest University. “So leading up to our 50-year reunion we advertised heavily and had an article in the High Point Enterprise. Classmates made contributions.

“Then we researched how to do it and found the High Point Community Foundation that helped us establish it.”

The High Point Central Class of 1960 has, to date, awarded 10 scholarships to deserving students like Joseph Howard. It’s a legacy that gives the funders truly amazing returns.

“Our class was wholeheartedly enthusiastic,” says Dr. Carmichael. “Students are an inspiration and I will tell them about Joseph and what he’s going to do.”

Ten years from now, if Joseph’s continuing work goes as planned, he’ll be building environmentally friendly energy systems, somewhere out in the world.

It all began here in High Point with a powerful fund started with modest investments by thoughtful local stewards like Dr. Richard Carmichael and the class of 1960.