Alexis Newman, Greensboro College Class of 2021

There was no hiding Alexis Newman’s talent on the diamond. Her big brother played baseball, so she was always in the stands. When she started to play, people noticed. “Coach Fister left me a voicemail; she was interested in my coming to Greensboro College.” Newman knew she wanted to go to college, but she hadn’t considered the small private college. “I came to tour the school, and I loved it. I loved the campus and the small classes, and how everyone was really involved.”

As a student at Southeast Guilford her parents talked a lot about college. “My parents didn’t go to college. They wanted my brother and I to get a good education, so we would never have to stress about money.” She didn’t think a private school was within her reach.  “When we went to Greensboro College, we talked to financial aid, and they told me about the Say Yes Guilford Scholarship.” That sealed the deal, and on May 8th Newman walked across the lawn at Greensboro College as a graduate. “I am so blessed,” she says.

The blessings keep coming; Newman landed a job even before graduation. Instead of chasing fly balls, she is chasing leads on missing persons, stolen property and cheating spouses. “I just got my associates license to begin private investigating,” she says. Newman sees it as a way to help people find answers and take control of their lives. “I’m very passionate about PI work, because a couple of years ago, I saw someone I love affected by infidelity. It hit me hard, and I want to help people.”

A new chapter begins now for Newman. The Guilford County graduate is driven to succeed, to be outstanding in her field, even if it means often working in the shadows. “Private investigating has always been interesting to me. I couldn’t be more blessed really.”