Starting in Spring 2014, Greenhill and Guilford Child Development, aided by a recent grant from the HP Community Foundation, implemented Learning ART Together,  a program designed to help low income immigrant and refugee women create an art or craft they can sell, exhibit and/or share.

At the same time,  their children, under the care of Guilford Child Development caregivers, participate in hands-on art activities in ArtQuest Studios.

An outgrowth of Guilford Child Development’s Learning Together, a family literacy program that serves immigrant and refugee families with preschool age children, Learning ART Together aims to build community, strengthen literacy practices and channel the creative spirit of women and children through visual arts. In partnership with ArtQuest, the participants of the pilot project, Learning ART Together, have spent the past year exploring, connecting, learning, and growing through art.

In April, the Gallery at GreenHill  featured an exhibition on the project, Learning ART Together: Bridging Culture Through Art, which included photographs, program activities and women’s journals, artworks, culture cards, and a cookbook entitled From My Table to North Carolina.