One of the highlights of the year for the members of the Principals’ Fund for Student Needs is the annual provision to each school in High Point of a grant to spend in ways that benefit the students.

Recently a team of representatives visited  local schools to put those checks in the hands of the principals. Not surprisingly, the principals were delighted. Educators frequently dig into their own pockets to provide for unexpected needs, and these grants help alleviate the need for that.

Since 2009, the fund has paid for student field trips, new library books and materials, band instruments, and a host of other creative uses for the money. But  the fund  not only makes high impact grants to schools for un-budgeted needs. The committee provides other resources as needed AND helps connect the schools with the business community, involving the community at large in the needs of the schools.

In order to receive funds for immediate needs, principals must complete an application that is reviewed by the committee, making their need known. Teachers, as well as principals,  can bring unfunded or unexpected expenses to the attention of their principals, requesting they apply for a grant.

Unfortunately. many educators in our community are unaware of this valuable resource to our schools. The foundation stands ready to assist our local schools, but we need the help of our friends in the community to educate teachers and administrators to the generosity of the Principals’ Fund for Student Needs. The more we can spread the word, the more schools we can impact.

The Principals’ Fund also accepts donations from the community to increase the funds available to educators. Please consider making this fund part of your regular giving. Simply follow the link to make a gift.

Miranda Short and Principal Joseph Stone - SCALE Academy

Keith Pemberton and Principal Weaver Walden - Oak Hill Elementary

Kevin Wheat2 - SCALE Academy (BEST ONE)