High Point University recently honored one of the Foundation’s own, Rev. Dr. Joe Blosser for his well-known and admired contributions to the community of High Point.

The new award, “The Spirit of High Point University,” honors a member of the faculty who has contributed their expertise, leadership, wisdom and time to good causes in the community of High Point. Dr. Blosser was recognized at HPU’s convocation in front of the students, parents, community leaders and faculty.

We can’t imagine a better fit for this award!

“Since his arrival at HPU, Joe immediately established himself as a strong academician, a student mentor of the highest order, and a role-model who is has become a huge asset to our community and is indeed one of the finest representatives HPU has ever had,” said Paul Lessard, President, High Point Community Foundation.

Joe not only served on our Board of Trustees, he holds a vital role within the Foundation as the Chair of the Annual Grants Program. With his valuable leadership at the Foundation, he played a key role in streamlining the entire grants process, and led the charge to keep the Foundation as a catalyst for change in this community by implementing the new “Strategic Leadership Grant.”

On top of all the great work he does with us, he is also involved with community projects ranging from the High Point Food Alliance to Northwood Elementary School “Possibilities” Program to integrating HPU students into serving High Point in a variety of roles.

Joe Blosser’s leadership style underscores his strong character, his steadfast and endearing faith, and his ardent belief in the innate goodness of those he works with makes him one of those rare human beings that make people better for simply having known him.

We are proud of Joe and consider him to be a local hero who is positively impacting all who cross his path.

Congratulations, Joe!