Be a person of integrity and grace. Stand up and advocate boldly for those principles you believe in. Seek out God daily and invest in causes larger than yourself. Be humble, compassionate and make it a habit to serve others before yourself. Be a willing mentor and share your life experience. Give others the opportunities you were given and always encourage and inspire.

Dare to be courageous, take leaps of faith. Walk through every open door and watch carefully to see the doors God closes for you. Remember your blessings and never fail to be grateful. Love and invest in your family and friends, as they are the only ones you will have intimate and profound impact upon in this life.

Face your fears, celebrate your victories, share your failures, and know everyone you meet is struggling with something. Admit your mistakes and strive to learn from them.  Be self-sufficient, be accountable and, most of all, be faithful in all you do.

Live generously, be kind and become a river to all who cross your path. Honor and cherish those who have touched your life, acknowledge their contributions and commemorate their memory with your words and actions.

Life is fleeting, live each day as if it is your last and go to your maker with no regrets. Pass on all that you are and have, realizing in the end all we really get to keep is that which we’ve already given away.

Paul Lessard