Learning Together is a comprehensive, structured, integrated four-component family-literacy model for low-income, minority, and immigrant/refugee women and their preschool-aged children.

Learning Together  is one of 5 programs administered by Guilford Child Development to meet the needs of children in our community.

To that end, they conduct ESL training for a growing number of refugee and new immigrant communities, prepare young mothers to obtain a GED (General Equivalency Diploma) , and provide job training. Programs geared at encouraging parents and children to read  together improve reading, writing, and comprehension skills. Models like “Raising a Reader” stimulate family bonding, early brain development, and school readiness. But the greatest strength of the program may be the social/emotional skills they develop, says Molly Betton, program director.

“From anecdotes and personal observations, I have seen the way so many of our families have blossomed and come out of their shells.  One child, who cried to the point of vomiting almost every day for a month, now comes to school with the biggest smile of any of the children in his class.  I firmly believe the social connections our program enables are the first and most important step toward helping our families succeed.”

Through a grant by the Community Foundation, Learning Together can continue to make that happen.Learning-together.jpg