School’s out, but it won’t be long before kids at Triangle Lake Montessori will be back in class using some brand new technology.

The High Point Community Foundation Principals’ Fund provided a grant to the school to purchase four Lenovo ThinkPads.

Like many schools, Triangle Lake Montessori has limited quality portable, technology devices for students and teachers, which are now more and more vital to the learning process. The school and its Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) purchased several Nooks throughout the previous five years. Several of these were outdated. The newly acquired ThinkPads are huge leap for the school’s resources.

“Our school is committed to acquiring quality portable devices that will allow students and teachers to bring learning alive in their classrooms,” says principal Pamela Ford. ” The Lenovo ThinkPads are sturdy and moveable, and they have a camera to allow video conferencing and video discussions.”

Ford explains that Triangle Lake Montessori has invested in interactive tools for practicing math and reading skills.

“Unfortunately, many students do not have access to these resources at home,” says Ford. “Many of the online learning opportunities are web-based and require internet data. Many students have limited internet access at home and most only have access via mobile telephones. Using the laptops at school helps the disparities in ownership and internet access across socioeconomic groups.”

Teachers and students use the Lenovo ThinkPads for an extensive range of digital learning activities. Through the use of technology, teachers can guide students to see content in many forms. Background knowledge can come alive for students with maps, videos, hyperlinks to definitions, additional content, and more. Parents are encouraged that students have access to quality learning experiences using technology in elementary school. Students are not only learning and building background using technology, but they are also creating new content with technology.

Research suggest that more people have access to the internet through their phones than laptops, but they are not necessarily using the internet for educational purposes.  The educational goal is for students in grades third through fifth-grade to have access to quality tablets for online personal learning through programs such as, Khan Academy, Learn Zillion, Kids A-Z, Read Theory, Newsela, and eBooks.  Students will also use the tablets for ongoing research and problem-based learning projects. Teachers will utilize tablets to help facilitate small group instruction.

Learn more about the Principals’ Fund here.