Say Yes To Education Guilford

In September 2015, Guilford County Schools became one of the newest Say Yes to Education programs in the country. The High Point Community Foundation is one of four organizations that made it possible. Say Yes provides last dollar tuition scholarships so public school graduates can afford and complete a postsecondary education.

Say Yes also works with the community to build student supports that help students every step of the way. In other Say Yes communities, these include after-school programs, summer programs, tutoring, legal assistance, health services and more. Finally, Say Yes works with school leadership to ensure students are on the path to academic success.

It’s an investment that benefits our students, our schools and our business environment. Students are incentivized and empowered to complete their educations. The schools benefit from innovative new programs. Our local economy starts gaining an advantage in having a better educated base of talent to attract new businesses and positive growth to the county.


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Download the Say Yes to Education Guilford Brochure

Representatives of Guilford Education Alliance, The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, High Point Community Foundation and Guilford County Schools came together to explore the possibility of bring Say Yes to Education to our community. They quickly recognized the tremendous potential of a local Say Yes program — not only for students in the Guilford County Schools system, but for the long-term future of Guilford County, as well.

Once Say Yes to Education and Guilford County got to know one another better, this became a robust, organic and community-wide undertaking, involving volunteers from all corners of Guilford and one of the most successful fundraising efforts in the county’s history. Generous supporters throughout Guilford also recognized the potential of Say Yes, and quickly pledged their financial commitments. By the time Say Yes Guilford offically launched on September 17, 2015, nearly half of the funds needed to fully support the endowment — $70 million — had already been raised!


To learn about scholarships for your children, to volunteer to help grow and support Say Yes and to join us in supporting this breakthrough program visit the Say Yes Guilford website for details.