We did it! On September 17th, Say Yes National, represented by founder George Weiss, announced that Guilford County has been selected as the next Say Yes to Education community.

The impact of this will be powerful, affecting the quality of students’ lives not only educationally, but with the wraparound services involved, it will affect their lives emotionally, socially, psychologically, and legally.

It all started when representatives of Guilford Education Alliance, The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, High Point Community Foundation and Guilford County Schools came together to explore the possibility of bring Say Yes to Education to our community. They quickly recognized the tremendous potential of a local Say Yes program — not only for students in the Guilford County Schools system, but for the long-term future of Guilford County, as well. Once Say Yes to Education and Guilford County got to know one another better, this became a robust, organic and community-wide undertaking, involving volunteers from all corners of Guilford and one of the most successful fundraising efforts in the county’s history. Generous supporters throughout Guilford also recognized the potential of Say Yes, and quickly pledged their financial commitments. By the time Say Yes Guilford offically launched on September 17, 2015, nearly half of the funds needed to fully support the endowment — $70 million — had already been raised!

There is so much information to share, it can’t be done in one article. Instead, follow the link to the new Say Yes Guilford website, where many, many answers are available. Wander the site, and if you have questions, please contact those listed below:
For general questions:
Email: sayyesguilford@gmail.com
For fundraising information:
Brooke Brown, Say Yes Campaign Coordinator
Phone: 336.275.3794
Email: bbrown@guilfordeducationalliance.org
For press inquiries or to request a speaker for a group or meeting:
Abbey Johnson, Program Assistant
Phone: 336.841.8052
Email: ajohnson@guilfordeducationalliance.org
If you are a parent or student with questions about scholarships and programs: Guilford Parent Academy of Guilford County Schools
Phone: 336.370.2351
Email: parentacademy@gcsnc.com

What an exciting time to live in Guilford County!

Images courtesy of the High Point Enterprise